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VRML Gallery of Electromagnetism

Rob Salgado

Ampere's Law anim (255 kb)
Assorted anim (940 kb)
A line-integral (166 kb)

These pages are some of my attempts to visualize the vector fields (actually differential forms) of electromagnetism. These images are inspired by the works of the authors in my references.
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or WorldView [CAI] or Blaxxun or Cortona [Parallelgraphics]

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(Mac: Zaptech
BeOS: Breeze
Linux et al... build your own: OVAL.
With help from Sun's Java3D xj3d )

Try this new Shout3D version of my Electric Dipole.

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NOTE: I am not an authority on the applications of electromagnetism.
I am a graduate student that had an idea on how to visualize the electromagnetic field.

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